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Come and join the KIKstart Team. Whether you’re training for your first race, wanting to improve or smash a PB, Sprint, Standard or Ultra distance this is the perfect place for you. We have a very supportive community and have become the best of friends. We can’t wait to meet you!

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  • Triathlon Training
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Karla’s Story

I have a great love and passion for Triathlon with several years of experience competing in all distance Triathlons from Sprint to Ironman distance to Extreme Ironman Distance Triathlons. As much as I enjoy taking part in Triathlons and Multi-sporting events myself, I find greater pleasure in helping people get involved in this fantastic sport. Which leads to great experiences and incredible memories, which is why I started KIKstart Triathlon Training in August 2015…Read More


Joe Hannan

I joined the group sessions with other Kikstars who shared valuable support, motivation and tips based on experience - all run by Karla and Paul. In weeks when I was lazy Karla ensured the appropriate measures where taking to get me on track again. On race day and on the days leading up to the event I was relaxed, feeling confident and could not have been more prepared, thanks to the watchful eye and support of Karla.

Shane Ketel

I was one of those guys that thought I had training waxed and knew everything I needed to know. Then I joined Kikstart and quickly realised that I know nothing Karla opened my eyes to my full potential she guided me and helped me push personal boundaries and realize life goals . At the tender age of 48 I can honestly say I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. She is so professional in everything she does but still maintains that personal touch ! I love my Kikstart family and look forward to our future adventures ! And that's why I recommend Karla and Kikstart

Samantha Hayward

Karla is not only my tri coach, she plays a huge role in my mental health as a whole. She keeps me accountable to the goals I put down, she pushes me to my true limits, not the limits made up in my head and she always ensures that I'm never left behind. Although triathlon is very much a single person sport, there is such great team spirit with Kikstart, loads of fun and laughter (and barones). Love my team in blue.

Carl Beekmans

Karla has been a huge part of my tri-journey. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her and I truly believe with her assistance and guidance I will get that elusive half iron under my belt!!! 💙

Marta Bianconi Smith

Karla is just inspirational, her passion for the sport and her focus on the target are just few of her skills... she believes in people and knows how to make them shine! With her perseverance and sharp insight she designs ‘to fit’ training programs and just like that you find yourself stronger and faster like never before...she is a magician✨✨✨

Charlotte Scott

The Kikstart commeraderie is very special and whether you are a beginner like me, an elite athlete or just wanting to maintain health and fitness, you are always made to feel welcome and the support from fellow Kikstart members are great! So if you looking to “Be Amazing” at your next race or fitness goal, I would highly recommend coach Karla!

Claire Coetzee

I work away a lot and it is sometimes difficult to consolidate my fitness goals and work responsibilities. Karla has been instrumental in keeping me on track and providing a tailor-made program that fits with my lifestyle flawlessly, adapts to every situation or country I find myself in, and truly boosts my performance to the max. I can recommend Karla as a remote Coach to any level of athlete, her motivation, dedication and adaptiveness are unrivalled!

Andre Collins

Karla was recommended by a friend and now when I reflect on 5 Iron man’s and two 70. 3’s later, I can only say that joining KIKstar was the best decision I could have made at the time. Training with a personalized program makes it mentally easier but very importantly helps to prevent overtraining which is often the cause of injury. Karla with her special approach has succeeded in building great spirit, ‘’kameraderie’’ and fun into her training group which I value and enjoy.

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